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No Implantology without Periodontology

Some things do belong together: just as Yin needs the Yang, implantology needs periodontology. At EuroPerio 2018, W&H presents “No Implantology without Periodontology”, NIWOP for short, a systematic and evidence-based workflow for a sound and healthy tissue situation around the implant.

Millions of people around the world are affected by periodontitis. This chronic disease significantly increases the incidence of biological complications in implant placement with a risk of implant loss (1). Peri-implantitis and its preliminary stage mucositis also occur in a substantial proportion of patients (2). The cause is frequently found in the pathologically altered biofilm (dysbiosis) with its specific microflora (3, 4). Untreated periodontitis patients therefore have an increased risk of peri-implant inflammation through to implant loss (5). However, even patients who were treated initially and are not included in a recall program exhibit an increased risk (6). Where necessary, periodontological pre-treatment and appropriate follow-up care (supportive periodontal therapy, follow-up care in recall) is important for these patients in order to create the optimum conditions for successful implantation and retention of the implant.

Increased implant success with NIWOP
Not only does W&H provide all the products necessary for treatment, but with NIWOP it also supplies a holistic workflow which enables the best possible treatment of patients. Pre-treatment, implantation, follow-up care – the evidence-based, systematic NIWOP workflow and the associated W&H products such as Implantmed, Piezomed, Tigon or the extensive range of tips, help to achieve lasting success of the implant. Presentations and the experience of key opinion leaders round off the NIWOP package.

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Diagnosis & establishing a stable periodontal situation


According to anatomy & measurement of stability and status of osseointegration


Periodic inspection and biofilm management, supportive periodontal therapy



Benefits of Implantmed during implant treatment

Oral surgeon Dr. Karl-Ludwig Ackermann has a practice in Filderstadt (Germany) and teaches implantology and aesthetic dentistry at two universities. He has placed several thousand implants over the last 38 years. Since autumn 2016, Dr Ackermann has been working with the new, enhanced implantology motor - Implantmed by W&H.

Reliable implantation - with surgical unit Implantmed

Dr. Fred Bergmann - President of the German Society of Oral Implantology (DGOI) explains why implantation with the W&H Implantmed surgical unit is simpler and more reliable, that the Osstell module offers the only available option for measuring the osseointegration again at a later time and why the cordless control for multiple surgical units is a real hit.

Piezoelectric implant site preparation

In edentulous patients implant-retained fixed prostheses improve mastication and quality of life. Due to resorption and extensive pneumatization of the sinuses a patient had only a minimal posterior maxillary bone height. The implant sites were prepared with a piezoelectric device and a new set of dedicated instruments.

Correct measurement of implant stability

The correct measurement of implant stability and osseointegration has always been a fundamental criterion for the success of the treatment. The explicit patient demand for streamlined treatment processes combined with an increasing number of patients with risk factors result in progressive and ambitious protocols in which conventional processes such as the torque or percussion test are being strained to their limits.

Tigon+: Gentle and efficient prophylactic treatment

Maria Semmler treats up to eight prophylaxis patients daily and highly values the functions and properties of the W&H piezo scaler. The Tigon+ boasts a high degree of functionality and user-friendliness. In addition, the expanded tip range from W&H allows you to work in a way which preserves the remaining tooth substance. In a recent interview, she gave us an insight into her experience with the W&H device.

Efficient and atraumatic periodontal therapy

The expanded tip range for periodontal use from W&H now offers users an optimized set of instruments for modern periodontal therapy. In addition to improved access from shallow to very deep periodontal pockets, the tip range offers support in the rapid and at the same time atraumatic cleaning of even angled roots.

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